Distance LEARNING at St Louis University Institute Douala and Bamenda

With the COVID 19 we had to wake UP to put in place distant learning using the Internet. We had a couple of challenges at the beginning.(Understanding the technology, availability of bandwidth and computers for all, steady electricity, cost of Internet for all users, issues of noise at home, self-discipline and distractions).All the lecturers and students had to quickly learn how the different platforms work.We tried many tools dealing with their limitations and challenges.Each day we got better at what we were doing.As the students and teachers got a hand on the technology, Iife became much easier.We are still learning hands on deck and after COVID 19 learning via INTERNET will continue so that we can have lectures from our partners in America, Europe and Prof Krishna VC of Victoria University in Uganda.Our lecturers in Bamenda and Douala will be able to work with students in both campuses and also generate content for other schools willing to benefit from our expertise, be they in Cameroon, Africa and the world. It is time for Africa to wake up.Congratulations to the St Louis team of lecturers, IT staff and students for the sacrifices and efforts they all make for us to solve our problems.


Dr. Nick Ngwanyam

CEO of St. Louis.

TEL. WhatsApp . 237 677764674.

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