Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, MD.*Understanding the Problem* It was very embarrassing the other day to see PhD holders crying and lamenting at the Ministry of Higher Education in Yaounde because they were not recruited to teach what no body needs; given that their products will be unproductive as they have demonstrated same to the world. We have more than eight state universities, many private Higher Institutes and universities. How comes youths do not have work when they leave most of these places after ‘training’? How comes we train engineers and it is the Chinese and French that build our roads? The ‘Palais de Congres’inYaounde was built by the Chinese over 30 years ago. The other day, they took a huge contract to renovate it. They changed the play wood and carpets. They introduced a few flashy gadgets here and there and replaced bulbs and toilets that had given up the ghost. Why so? How long will they continue to renovate it? Same story with the ‘Palais de Sport’.In 1960 at independence; what ever that means; the French ‘gave’ us a type of education and insisted that we should not change except we took permission from them. This is written in the famous accords of 1959 or so. Why did they do that? Did they give us what they also had at the time or it was the version from the 1800? Which version are we using now? All our problems are directly or indirectly related to the version we have been using for decades. In 1960, the French were already industrialized. They were making cars, planes, trains and more. They grew their own food and made their own medicines. How much of technology did they allow us to learn or acquire in the education system they gave us? Why did they hide that from us? Why did our leaders not realize the problem and try as hard as possible to ‘steal technology’? About thirty or forty years ago or so, we had some financial difficulties and our school systems were facing a lot of hardships. I understand that the IMF advised our government to shut down the technical schools and create more grammar schools because these are cheaper to run. We have been doing that for ages like the obedient slaves that we are. I keep on scratching my head and trying to find out the wisdom behind this kind of foolishness. That was the greatest mistake and deceit of the century. Today we are paying a huge price because our leaders then did not read between the lines. As long as Africans do not know and have the capacity to solve their problems while using their resources, that makes good business for the white man, the green man and the Chinese. Hope you got it. The black man is left out because he cannot reason past his nose. Only technology, sound management and leadership with entrepreneurial skills coupled with financial education, fight against corruption, theft and favoritism will get us on tract. Our economy is bad. The income is less than our needs. Our capacities to produce wealth and jobs are very weak while the demographics keep growing at alarming rates. Our developmental strides cannot keep pace with our changing environment because we lack the capacity to meet those changes. And when we must develop, we pay foreigners to do our dirty job while we drink, make merry, soak in champagne, eat roast fish and chat up the girls. Life is really good when you are on the right side of the divide. It is a night mare for our youths. This is evident in the socio political problems the country is facing today. Let us recapitulate our problems on our finger tips. There is Bad Governance, the Anglophone Problem, Under Development, Corruption and Impunity, Poor Economics, Youth Unemployment and more. What Is The Root Cause Of These Problems? All these are rooted in our poor educational system. If we want corrections, in the mid and long term; we must change our educational system and embrace something else. If we do not, then we waste our time in futility. The violence and the social disorder will only get worse and spread because the needs of the youths and society have not and would not be met until we develop the capacities to solve our problems ourselves. Killing youths and putting thousands in prison is not the right solution. Asking them to become politicians and civil servants in not a solution either. Making them hand clappers is like putting white wash on a cracked wall. The foundation is still faulty. Let us tackle  the foundation.*Learn to Solve Problems* That is the KEY. D.I Y. (Do It Yourself). Now the question arises. How can you do something that you do not know? How do you get to know? I am still thinking aloud. Have you ever wondered why our children line up in front of western embassies as from 4 am seeking for visas to run away? What is it that motivates them to take on the perilous route through the Sahara Desert on foot to end up as slaves or unwilling organ donors in the hands of outlawed Libyan gun men? Have you seen the numbers that perish in the Mediterranean Sea? And when they get to cross to Europe, do you see how they run and hide from one forest and squalor to the other? Why is it so? What is pushing them to do that? Have you ever asked or tried to find out? How can we stop that? Bad Economics, Bad Education. The Bamilekes are a very hard working and industrious tribe in Cameroon. They have an expression that on the surface is just a joke but in reality it carries the full weight of our situation and it answers all the questions we would like to ask. They say, “ Affaire Nkap, affaire tresseriuese”. In essence, they are reiterating the fact that money is a foundational concept to our existence. We must all learn how to make money. There a five ways of earning a penny. You are an employee and someone pays you a salary or wages for working in their outfit whichcould be government of private owned business. You are a self employed person and when you are sick or on holidays money stops coming in because you are absent. You own a business and people work for you. Whether you are on holidays or sleeping the cash machine keeps on minting dollars for you. The best of all is when you are an investor. You create mega stuff which generates mega jobs and bring in mega cash flows. Ask AlhadjiDangote or Alhadji Baba about this. The fifth and most dishonorable way is to just steal the money either from the public treasury or take it at gun point from others or dupe them in one way or another. This is where corruption thrives. We have some ‘very rich’ civil servants who are wealthier than investors especially in Africa. They just grab it. Period. *How Does The Right Kind Of Education Address These Problems*? God made man in his image. We have the ability to think abstractly and project into the future. We can make plans. The other ability that God gave us is the power of choice.Jacques-Olivier BEHONH TOLLY, [12.05.20 14:21]in Europe and America and you do not have to wait too long.I am not charging you a penny for these services ( orientstion) UNTIL we build a similar hospital in Cameroon.My responsibility is to connect you to the right persons and places to avoid feymen and middlemen fees.


Dr Nick Ngwanyam, MD.Surgeon &Uroogist.

St Louis University Institute Douala and Bamenda.

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