This specialty trains senior technicians to ensure the implementation, administration and the maintenance of network or telecommunications equipment. Their skills in the different transmission technologies as well as their extensive knowledge of the protocols of the different Communication networks allow them to design, in a group, network architectures or complex telecommunications facilities and to optimize them. The aim of this course is too;

  • Participate in the development of specifications and to contribute to the specifications of a network topology or installation of a telecommunications system, manage and control the evolution of such installation in choosing the equipment and the appropriate software;
  • Mastering telecommunications equipment
  • Install    and   configure   hardware   and    software   of   networks   and telecommunications systems
  • Optimize the operation of  network and the common protocols used

Entry Requirement

  • Student with pass in their ADVANCE LEVEL EXAMINATION issued by the GCE board
  • Good Conduct.
  • Be of age 17 and above of the year of academic admission
  • Determination
  • English shall be the medium of instruction and examinations for all courses in the program. All students shall be tested for language proficiency by the Bamenda linguistic center.

Career Opportunities

    • Servicing companies and manufacturing networks equipment;
    • Telecommunication operators and Internet service providers;
    • Controller of the information system of an enterprise;
    • Telephone installers;
    • Servicing companies and Computer Engineering