Simbock Yaounde

Yaoundé Campus

Yaoundé, spread over 7 hills, is the capital city of Cameroon. It is in the southern part of the country. The 20th-century Notre Dame des Victoires cathedral has a striking triangular roof. Nearby, in the Lake Quarter, the former presidential palace is home to the National Museum, with cultural exhibits such as masks and sculptures. Farther west, Mvog-Betsi Zoo is home to primates rescued from the bushmeat trade.

The ST. Louis University Yaoundé campus located at Simbock quarter is also known as Ghandi university. This is our latest campus and we are excited to give the St. Louis experience should you stop by our campus.

HND & Professional Bachelor Programmes

    1. Nursing (HND & BACHELOR)
    2. Midwifery (HND & BACHELOR)
    3. Physiotherapy (HND & BACHELOR)
    4. Pharmacy Technology (HND)
    5. Medical Laboratory Sciences (HND & BACHELOR)
    6. Dental therapy (HND & BACHELOR)
    7. Medical Imaging Technology (HND & BACHELOR)
    8. Pharmaceutical Sciences. soon coming (Bachelor)
    9. Medical Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation therapy (Bachelor)
    10. Clinical Optometry and Ophthalmology Assistant (HND)

    11. Nutrition and Dietetics (HND)


Item Level 100
Internship to hospitals
Internship Report


Contact Info:



(+237) 677 764 674
(+237) 678 435 138
(+237) 670 024 560


    • Bank: OPSEC( Catholic Credit Union)
    • Account Name: Gandhi ( ST LOUIS YAOUNDE)
    • Account No: 30147
    • Location: Near Former Garantee Express Obili


    • All nancial transactions are done through the banks only.
    • Present one original and two photocopies of bank payment receipt to the school.
    • Tuition is paid in one or two installments.
    • The first installment is 50% by 31st October 2021
    • The second and last installment on or before the 31st of March 2022

Other Requirements for 100, 200, 300 levels

Study Aid

    • Medical Dictionary (preferably bilingual i.e. English – French)
    • Recommended textbooks
    • Individual Laptop

Basic tools for practical based on specialty

    • Proof of vaccination against Hepatitis B (Recommended)
    • Proof of Covid test results (Recommended)