• The mission of this course is to improve health care through the training of public health expert on common communicable and environmentally related diseases, including non communal health conditions of public health interest.
  • Enables students to pursue personal research interests in the food and nutrition area. Prerequisite: juniors and seniors only and consent of department.
  • It enables students Know and exploit the professional and institutional networks of the food and nutritional sectors.
  • It enables students Evaluate the nutritional status of a patient.
  • It enables students Formulate diets and make dietary dishes.
  • It enables students Facilitate therapeutic education sessions.
  • It enables students Interact with other specialists in the field of food in the food industries, catering and sports medicine by sharing its skills on nutritional quality and nutritional balance.
  • It enables students Conduct consumer surveys and participate in the development of new products.
  • (University Core Curriculum) This course integrates nutrition and promotion of health through prevention of disease and will answer questions found daily in the media regarding nutrition. Topics emphasized are functions of basic nutrients, impact of culture, gender, ethnicity, social environments and lifestyle on nutrition and health.

Programme Structure

  • Careers in Dietetics.
  • Personal Nutrition.
  • Experimental Foods.
  • Food Service Sanitation.
  • Biochemical Aspects of Nutrition.
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy II
  • Foundations of Human Nutrition.
  • Quantity Food Production.
  • Nutrition Care Process in Practice.
  • Field Experience
  • Food and Beverage Cost Control
  • Nutrition and Wellness Education

Entry RequirementEntry Requirement

  • Students with a pass in the ADVANCE LEVEL EXAMINATION, in at least two (2) papers, one of which must include BIOLOGY, issued by the Cameroon GCE board or any other recognized equivalents.
  • For the top-up degree program, the candidate should have passed the HPD/HND, in Nutrition and Dietetics or should have pass the other exams conducted by the boards/ councils/intermediate examinations established by state governments /central governments and recognized as equivalence to a 3-year pre – university examination by the university of Buea and St Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences.
  • Selection of student shall be based on merit provided that the candidate must have obtained above 50% marks in the HDP/HND/DSEP or other equivalent examinations.
  • English shall be the medium of instruction and examinations for all courses in the programme. All students shall be tested for language proficiency by the Bamenda linguistic center.
  • Be of age 17 and above as of the year of academic admission


  • Clinical
  • Community and public health
  • Consultation /private practice
  • Food/nutrition business industry
  • Food service management
  • Research/ education.
  • Sport/ wellness nutrition.
  • House of cure or retirement.
  • Nutritionist or dietetician (counsellor)
  • Food or restaurant manager
  • Food and health reporter
  • Editor, advertising or marketing specialist
  • Catering manager
  • Teacher

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