The programme is designed to provide technically competent work force to meet the national requirements in the areas of Animal Production. It is also designed to produce Animal Health Superintendents capable of assisting and complementing the work of veterinarians in animal health care delivery. To Produce Higher Agricultural Technicians who are adequately and technically equipped with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of animal production and are capable of operating and managing large scale animal  farm enterprises.

Programme Structure

  • Plan, establish and manage livestock farms and carry out associated production processes including diary production, egg production, hatchery processes.
  • Produce feeds for all types of livestock.
  • Serve as an extension worker, able to impart to Livestock farmers the modern techniques.
  • Carry out routine maintenance of farm structure.
  • Identify early signs of animal diseases processes, apply necessary first aid measures and follow up prescribed veterinary instructions.
  • Process, package and market animal products and by-products.

Entry Requirement

  • Student with pass in their A-Level examination issued by the GCE board
  • Good Conduct.
  • Be of age 17 and above of the year of academic admission
  • Determination
  • English shall be the medium of instruction and examinations for all courses in the program.

Career Opportunities

  • Animal Shelter Manager.
  • Animal Waste Management.
  • Breeding/Farrowing Manager.
  • Broiler Manager.
  • Broodmare Assistant Manager.
  • Broodmare Manager.
  • Cattle Feedlot Processor.
  • Companion Animal Dept. Manager

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