The Higher National Diploma (HND) is a 2-year professional university program which focuses on learning by doing. It is designed to teach the knowledge and skills needed for employment and paving the way for a Bachelor’s Degree Program.

Objective of the course

The objective of HND program in Agricultural Production Technology is to produce practically oriented Agricultural Technicians who are capable of embracing the present status of Agriculture in Cameroon with outstanding in-build skills to create appropriate innovations to suit the major agricultural sectors and ensure food availability, food safety and food security. They will be technicians with competencies in crop and animal production, agro pastoral, food processing/preservation, agribusiness/agricultural economics, and contributing to the socioeconomic and sustainable development of the agriculture sector locally and internationally, with appropriate professional attitudes and confidence to serve the local and global community.

The demand for competent agricultural technicians is very high in Cameroon considering the importance of the sector in the nation’s economy. So do well to enroll with St Louis to be part of those who will positively change the phase of agriculture in our country. In ST. Louis, Course work is equated to corresponding practical sessions for better assimilation. It is worth emphasizing that we have a powerful teaching staffs capable of transforming arts students to innovative scientist and the program has been structured to achieve that without unbearable stress to the students.

Programme Structure

  • Conducting research on issues that affect horticultural breeding, growth, and production
  • Improving productivity of field and forage crops
  • Ensuring sound use of natural resources, reducing soil erosion, and improving soil quality
  • Plan, establish and manage livestock farms and carry out associated production processes including diary production, egg production, hatchery processes.
  • Produce feeds for all types of livestock.
  •  Serve as an extension worker, able to impart to Livestock farmers the modern techniques.
  •  Carry out routine maintenance of farm structure.
  • Implementing newly developed and tested methods that improve soil on both conventional and organic farms
  • Reviving heirloom varieties of crops while  developing new varieties
  • Helping farmers plant crops suitable to local and regional climate and crop management needs
  • Identify early signs of animal diseases processes, apply necessary first aid measures and follow up prescribed veterinary instructions.
  •  Process, package and market animal products and by-products.

Entry Requirement

  • English shall be the medium of instruction and examinations for all courses in the program.
  • Student with pass in their ADVANCE LEVEL EXAMINATION issued by the GCE board.
  • Be of age 17 and above of the year of academic admission

Career Opportunities

  • Agricultural entrepreneur
  • Agricultural consultant
  • Estate Managers
  • Pest management expert
  • Agricultural engineer    
  • Researcher
  • Animal Shelter Manager.
  • Animal Waste Management.
  • Breeding/Farrowing Manager.
  • Broiler Manager.
  • Farm manager
  • Plant pathologist/virologist/nematologist,
  • Field Technicians
  • Market gardening expert
  • Agricultural economist
  • Soil and plant scientist
  • Broodmare Assistant Manager.
  • Broodmare Manager.
  • Cattle Feedlot Processor.
  • Companion Animal Dept. Manager
  • Agricultural entomologist
  • Conservation planner
  • Commercial Horticulturalist
  • Agricultural salesperson